Amazing Stories: simply made, widely read.

Use NXT to build, host and distribute engaging mobile-first Stories on the web.

On your terms. Not Facebook’s.

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A SaaS tool that enables you to produce and publish immersive AMP Stories in record time. No code needed.


Still serving Big Macs when your audience wants snacks?

Your readers crave for content. But they want it bite-sized on their smartphone. They snack on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.

1 billion of them read Stories every single day. Do you give them what they want?

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Great stories need few words

If an image is worth a thousand words, how much is a Story?

The NXT storybuilder helps you and your team to create captivating Stories. Use photos and videos to give every word the weight it deserves. And produce the most immersive content.

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It's your story

So make it go all the way. Keep your content on your website and make sure that it reaches your customers. All while enjoying the flexibility of a SaaS product.

Generate revenue from the work that you have done. For your bank account, not Facebook’s.

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Minimal effort. Incredible performance

NXT does all the heavy lifting. Your stories are AMP-powered, served through a global CDN ensuring optimal delivery.

Images and video are optimised for the user’s device and browser. Fast, responsive, high quality content delivered with minimal effort on your part.


Leading the way

Discover how these companies use Stories to keep their audience engaged.


Your story deserves to be told.

Be one of the first to build fascinating Stories that keep your readers glued to their smartphones.